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    Dog Grooming

    Don't want to wrestle with your Dog while bathing anymore? For a stylish and Fashionable look, Aloropi Vet Center offers dog grooming in Sharjah. Grooming refers to the overall cleanness of your pet. This includes hygienic care and fur care as well as other processes to change a dog's physical appearance.
    Alorophi Vet center has a team of professional groomers that offers a wide range of services ranging from basic bathing to a more advance tailored haircut. Our years of experience and unique grooming skills allow us to perform custom orders that you always wanted.

    Why choose us?

    • Pets Grooming handled by professional
    • Superior knowledge and expertise in the industry
    • Affordable full-service dog grooming
    • Same day grooming service
    • Custom healthcare session for your pet

    Your pet deserves the best look! -Dog Grooming

    Keeping your dog’s coat in pristine condition is important for overall healthcare and hygiene. If you are a dog owner or thinking of welcoming one into your life, then you must know the importance of dog grooming.

    Although you can clean your pet at home, it is more of a probability that you don’t have all the amenities. The assistance of a professional grooming service not only includes the right set of tools, but also a friendly staff that will help you along the way.

    Full Service Dog Grooming

    The following Services are included in the full grooming for dogs.
    • Dog Wash or bath
    • Teeth Brushing
    • Hair Brushing and Trimming
    • Ear Cleaning
    • Dematting Treatments
    • Nail filing and Trimming
    • Gland Expressing
    • De-shedding Treatment

    Importance of Dog Grooming

    • Help fight scratches, thrush, and other skin problems
    • Monitoring of dog’s health
    • Forging a closer bond with your pet
    • Remove external parasites on the skin
    • Haircutting and trimming

    How we perform our duties

    From start to finish, our main priority is to provide a healthy and comfortable grooming session for your pet.

    An initial checkup session where we get a chance to meet your adorable dog and discuss what kind of dog grooming service you're looking forward to.

    Initial Brush and clip

    Every dog has a special hair coat that needs custom brushes and combs. We have all the tools required for gentle brushing and clipping.


    This is where the magic begins! We use shampoo into your dog's first layer of fur and get rid of all the debris, oil, dirt, or anything they have on their body. This results in clean, smooth, and silky hair.


    We use a variety of different methods to clean your dog after a bathing session.

    Full Haircut

    Our stylists perform their magic to create a breed standard haircut for your dog's personal preference.

    After Care

    Now your dog is all set and ready to lead you to the home. We provide full after-care recommendations, including hygiene tips and appointment details for next grooming.

    How often should you groom your dog?

    It depends on your dog breed and the length of the fur they have on their body. Although regular grooming is recommended, sometimes it’s not necessary for the sake of the dog’s goodwill. They don’t like to get wet every day.

    • Smooth Coat
      If your dog has a smooth fur coat, you should regularly wash and brush it.
    • Double Coat
      These types of dogs need slighter TLC. They develop mats on their skin. It is best that you consult a professional groomer for this. Full grooming service for such dogs is required every 3 weeks.
    • Long Coats
      Dogs with long coat fur hair need a consistent grooming routine. The silky and coarse hair type is handled separately.
    • Curly coat
      Curly hair often gets dirty fast as compared to the rest of the coating. Regular brushing at home and a professional grooming bath are essential every 3 weeks.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are grooming Services?

    Grooming service is a process by which a dog’s physical appearance is changed along with hygienic care and cleaning.

    How long does it take to groom a dog?

    The time depends on the size of your dog and the service(s) you acquire. For a rough overview, it takes approximately 10 minutes to 2 hours.

    How much does it cost to groom a small dog?

    It depends on the services you select during the session. You can call Aloropi Vet Center to receive an estimated groom price.