Best Tips to Help Your Puppy Sleep At Night

puppy sleep

Puppy struggling to sleep? Try these tips

Although animals find it easier to sleep and can stay sound asleep for longer hours, they may occasionally find it harder to sleep. Just like humans, pets can also suffer from insomnia due to a variety of reasons. Sleep is essential for the healthy growth of your puppies. It is important to make sure him/her is getting sufficient sleep after being a storm breaker of energy during the daytime. A sleepy puppy is also a healthy puppy.

Is your puppy struggling to sleep? Here are a few tips you can try to make sure your puppy is getting proper rest.

1. Arrange a place for your puppy to sleep

Create a safe and cozy place for your puppy to sleep. And train him/her to use the spot when they feel drowsy. You can find your puppy sleeping comfortably if he/she find it warm and comfy enough. The puppy bed must be in a quiet place somewhere inside the house where there is fewer disturbances to the puppy nap. To make the puppy bed, you can use a crate or a box and cover it with cushions or blankets. Be careful to not plump up the bed with too many cushions as your puppy may not like it. Direct your puppy to the bed and teach him to get used to the idea.

2. Tiring out your puppy

This is a great way to ensure your puppy get some sound sleep. Puppies often tend to nap after a walk or playtime. Giving proper exercise at proper time everyday can help your puppy adjust to a sleeping schedule too. Plan the puppy’s day and carefully time his/her playtime beforehand. But pay attention to not go too strict on the schedule as your puppy may find it hard to follow. Gradually, form a play schedule that your dog is comfortable with.

3. Do not disturb him

No animal or human likes to be disturbed during their sleep. If your house is filled with noise 24 hours a day, your puppy may not be able to sleep properly. Even the tiniest of noises can disturb a puppy. Try to reduce these unwanted sources of noise and keep them away from the puppy’s sleeping spot.

puppy sleep

4. Do not cuddle

No one can blame you if you feel like to cuddle or pet your puppy when he/she is sleeping. But this could impact his/her sleep pattern and disturb him. Avoid going near him/her while they are sleeping. Do not attempt to touch them or film them while they are sleeping. Let him/her sleep without even the slightest commotion perturbing them.

5. Play calming sounds

Some particular kinds of music are found to relax dogs. Playing a mellow lullaby or soft sounds can help your puppy settle down. Not all puppies respond to this tactic well so be cautious while trying out tones around your little friend. If you find that your puppy likes a particular jam, play it while they are getting ready for sleep. You can also test out some sounds that help puppies sleep.

Putting a hyper active puppy to sleep can be a tough chore. The important thing is to make the surroundings comfortable enough so that your puppy can enjoy some quality puppy nap.

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