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    Rabbit Grooming

    Just like any other pet animals, rabbits also need special cleaning and hygienic care. Aloropi Vet center proud to present you with a rare, but important grooming service in Sharjah.

    Our certified professionals offer full rabbit grooming service, following all the healthcare checks and procedures. By keeping your rabbit fur clean and removing excess dirt – You can greatly improve their health, happiness, and quality of life.

    Why choose us?

    • Pet cleaning is done by leading professionals
    • Superior knowledge in fur cleaning and after-care
    • State of the art equipment
    • Gentle and comfortable experience
    • Sensitivity care

    That Cuteness needs Extra Care

    Rabbits often clean their fur just like a cat does. And surprisingly, they are quite good at this. The real problem arrives when they have long-haired breeds. All the ingested hair traps on their body, which leads to the blockage of excessive cleaning.

    Rabbits are also very sensitive creatures. Their internal organs are tenuous to hard touch. So rabbit grooming is always recommended by a professional because these specialized individuals know how to take care of the animal. Our years of experience in the pet grooming service allow us to perform the most comfortable grooming in Sharjah.

    How experts can help your bunny

    Our full grooming for rabbits includes everything your pet needs to look ‘awesome’. This includes fur brushing, bath, nail and hair trimming, teeth brushing, paws cleaning, and more. Within the salon, you can select the customized treatment and decor your pet the way you want.


    The right set of tools for cleaning

    Professional cleaning is always recommended for hygienic results. As different breeds have a different need, so does the equipment for cleaning. Hence Aloropi vet center has invested in a range of brushes for your every pet requirement.

    How often should rabbits be groomed?

    It depends on the breed and the level of fur coat they have on your body. The following packages are included in the grooming process. Also, approach for the best Mobile Grooming in Sharjah.

    Short hair Groom

    Include a throughout groom, gland clean, nail clip, brushing, and tidy up around the rear.

    Long hair groom

    Include everything in the short hair groom with an additional haircut, nail clip, and scent gland. A full-service rabbit grooming structure will be provided by the pet professional. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to groom a rabbit?

    Place your rabbit on a soft surface or towel and check them from top to bottom. If anything looks suspicious, like their bottom is dirty – start by giving them a gentle bath. Make sure that the water temperature is right. Once you clean the bad spot, start by giving them gentle strokes of the brush. Rabbit skin is very delicate, so take extra care while you brush them. If you’re worried that you might hurt your little fellow, make an appointment at Aloropit Vet Center.

    Why is my rabbit grooming so much?

    Rabbits have a habit of grooming themselves more often. Our job is to help get rid of excessive hair from their body and to limit their intake of fur.

    How much does it cost to groom a rabbit?

    It depends on the services you’re looking for. Contact us for a detailed rabbit grooming package.

    Do rabbits like being groomed?

    Rabbits are fastidious groomers and mostly clean themselves. However, they sometimes need professional care because of their body and fur complications.