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    Vet Weight Management Clinic Sharjah

    Do you feel that your pet is getting a little plump or chunkier? Are you tired of counting calories and watching your pet demanding more and more sprinkles? Aloropi Vet Center specialized in customizable weight management plans that allow safe weight gain or loss for your dog and cat.

    We have a board-certified nutritionist that offers a safe diet plan by checking different weight-related attributes. We aim to provide a balanced lifestyle for your pet so that they play around in your house, just like they do in adult life.

    Weight Gain can become a serious problem

    Just like humans, weight gain can become a series of problems in pets. Obesity is a common health problem in animals that have been associated with serious health concerns.

    It not only affects the pet’s lifestyle, but also changes their behavioral attributes and prone them to diseases like joint problems, skin disease, pancreatitis, and an even shorter lifespan.

    On-time treatment can help you get rid of most of the severe medical conditions, but still marks a huge risk for your little partner. A weight control program not only helps them get that active lifestyle back but also increases their lifespan.


    Aloropi Vet Center Specializes in

    • Weight loss plans for your cat and dog
    • Customizable weight loss plans for pet medical needs
    • Multi-owner households
    • Personalized care and guidance

    How the Weight Control Program Works?

    Staff Resources

    Before implementing any procedure, the staff takes full notes of your pet's current position

    Pet Obesity

    Your pet's obesity and calories level are analyzed during the procedure

    Feeding Quantities

    A detailed feeding chart is provided based on the resources collected

    Exercise Guideline

    You will be provided with an exercise chart, for physical changes. This includes natural play activities and environmental enrichment


    A complete diet plan will be provided, specially designed to assist in weight loss or gain

    Follow-up and Monitoring

    Your pet's physical condition will be checked both in-house and at the clinic

    Why is Vet Weight Management important?

    Obesity poses a real threat to a pet’s healthy life. Because they don’t describe problems as we humans do, it sometimes gets too late to properly diagnose, in case of a disease. At Aloropi vet center, we encourage homeowners to maintain a healthy lifestyle for their pets.

    Weight loss is a journey we share with you to main an active lifestyle for your cat and dog. By understand and studying the weight loss procedure, you can better treat your companion. We are willing to guide you on this journey.


    What is the perfect feeding strategy for Pets?


    Measured Feedings

    Control what your pet eats all day. Get a detailed measured chart from us based on your pet’s current conditions

  • Measured Feedings
  • vet-Weight-management-clinic

    Ad libitum feeding

    It is a diet that is available at all times. There are no special days or measured feeding, every day the amount of food nutrients is the same.

  • Ad libitum feeding
  • Weight-management-clinic

    Timed Feedings

    A timetable set for a specified amount. For example, no more eating after 10 minutes.

  • Timed Feedings
  • Weight-management-clinic

    Watch the treats

    Although treats may seem a perfect way to control your pet, it sometimes leads to excessive weight gain. Don’t overdo it!

  • Watch the treats
    • Weight-management-clinic

      Weight management clinic for dogs and cats Sharjah

      At Aloropi Vet Center, we provide a brief explanation of all the principles involving the management of your pet’s weight. If you like to have your pet referred to our Weight Management Center, please contact us on the given information.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      How long does it take for the pet to lose weight?

      It depends on your pet’s body weight index. We recommend a weight loss of 1% as per the index. The average weight plan takes 4-6 months.

      What is a weight management program?

      A weight management program includes personalized care and guidance for your pet. The goal is to improve your pet lifestyle.

      Can I start the procedure at Home?

      Yes! you can start with a simple exercise, diet control, and excessive skimming process.