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    Veterinary Dental Specialist

    Dental cleaning and polishing is a routine procedure we daily perform at Aloropi Vet center for cats and dogs. A pet’s mouth does important work, it carries around all the food and provides important nutrients to the body.

    Good oral health always ensures that your pet stays in good condition. The teeth are washed and properly clean to rinse off the food residue. All of this is performed by a Board Certified Veterinary Dentist with surgical and medicine-related experience.

    Why go to a Pet dentist?

    As we all know, the mouth provides important elements to our body, from chewing and swallowing of food. Unlike humans, dogs use their mouths for other things like grooming, cooling, defense, and breathing. Ultimately, a pet has to use its mouth all day for an apprehending task.

    If your pet has disinfected oral health, it can lead to serious problems. Furthermore, this pain can spread to the whole body and can lead to other hygienic problems. As we all know, how uncomfortable a toothache can be. Since dogs and cats don’t express their pain as we do, an animal dental checkup is important to ensure they are in good health.


    Dental Services we offer

    • Dental Emergency
    • Anesthesia
    • Dentistry (For Cats and Dogs)
    • Oral Diagnostics
    • Oral Health
    • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

    Veterinary Dentistry - Dog and Cat Dental care

    We at Aloropi Vet Center use different procedures for dogs and cats dental care and cleaning. This includes tooth scaling, extraction, and polishing. The cleaning of the tartar in animals can help improve most of the dental problems – That’s why we always recommend homeowners to take good care of their pet’s at home, first.

    The teeth are washed and properly probed by professionals to ensure that there’s no cavity left in the surrounding. Depending on your pet’s behavior, the procedure may contain local anesthesia. The anesthesia is administered by professionals after checking the blood work of the animal.


    Pet Scaling and Polishing - How it Works?

    One of the most common dental procedures is scaling and polishing. At Aloropi, we first thoroughly check the mouth condition of your pet to determine where most care is required. Sometimes, the process may include ultrasonic scalers as well.

    The scalers help us find the tartar without damaging the enamel. To check the gum lines, we use a thin probe in case there’s slight tartar left after the treatment. Once the procedure is completed, an oral cleansing and polishing solution is carried out to remove all the bacteria.

    Pet's Dental Care At Home

    It's never too late to start your own dental care. The following guidelines will help you a lot.

    Cats Dental Care

    • Grab your cat onto your lap, with its head facing away from you
    • Start brushing the teeth gradually
    • Don’t expect instant success, as cats won’t let you brush the teeth more often
    • Choose a time when your pet is in a good mood

    Dogs Dental Care

    • Approach your pet from the right/left side rather than the front
    • Grab them onto your lap and start the teeth brushing
    • Slowly move to the area where there are tartar and plaque accumulate
    • Try to brush this particular area for 30 seconds
    • Start the brush with some teeth, gradually increase the number if they’re comfortable

    Why is Vet Dental Care Important?

    Oral health leads to many problems if not treated well on time. Therefore consulting with an animal dental clinic in Sharjah can help a lot. Timely treatment and intervention of the root problem can help bring relief to your pet’s life.

    Dental Surgeries, Pet Dentistry, and Dental scaling are offered as part of the Aloropi Vet dental services in Sharjah. Book an appointment today, and perform a depth check of your pet’s oral health.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a vet dentist called?

    A vet dentist, also known as a veterinary or surgeon, is a professional who practices the dental and oral hygiene health of pets.

    Do veterinarians do dental work?

    A veterinarian performs dental tooth extraction and cleansing. Depending on oral health, other methods are included in the procedure too.

    How much does it cost for dental work on a dog?

    It depends on the condition and overall hygiene of your dog. First, the vet will perform a deep-check on your pet’s mouth. Services like X-rays and ultrasonic checks may also add-up to the cost. For a detailed cost plan, give us a call.

    How often should dogs have their teeth cleaned by a vet?

    Getting your dog professionally cleaned after 3-6 months is recommended. Smaller pets are more prone to diseases because of teeth crowding. Your vet will recommend you better, based on the initial conditions.