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    Pet X-Ray Sharjah

    X-Ray or Radiography is a diagnostic procedure used to check the internals of your pet’s body. It is a common imaging technique that allows the veteran to access their organs and bones and diagnose any disease or issues.

    If you think that your pet is going through some tough time or has injured themselves, an X-ray is the standard procedure to analyze the situation. At Aloropi vet center, every consultation starts with a thorough investigation. If the standard procedure requires a more imaginative system, we recommend radiography.

    What is a Pet X-Ray?

    A pet X-Ray is a standard procedure used to check the bones and organs of a pet. It can be carried out on dogs and cats, upon veterinary recommendation. X-Ray works by passing a small amount of radiation on a specific part of your animal’s body.

    The radiation is absorbed by dense tissues and hence produces a black and white image. Soft tissues like skin and internal organs don’t absorb this radiation.


    What is a Pet X-Ray used for?

    A pet x-ray is suitable for the following situation on cats and dogs.
    • Bloating or abdomen pain
    • Orthopedic problems
    • Vomiting or diarrhea
    • Checking of stones, cysts, or tumor
    • Diagnosing dental problems
    • Checking of internal organs like the liver, heart, and lungs
    • Other factors like deformities and fractures

    Types of Pet X-rays in Sharjah

    An X-ray can reveal a substantial amount of information concerning a cat and dog’s health. The most common x-rays for pet examination include:


    This allows the vet to examine the abdominal of the pet - the stomach and bladder. The shape of the organs helps indicate abnormalities in the system. They can also detect cancerous tumors, and pregnancies as well.


    Chest x-rays are commonly used to detect cancer. They target the heart and lungs and are perfect to identify any fractures and trauma.


    This includes an examination of your pet's bone deformations, fractures, or any orthopedic disorders. The examination procedure also includes hip or elbow dysplasia.

    Steps Involve to Get an X-Ray

    Once the vet has approved the x-ray for your pet, the procedure is as follows.

    • A plastic cassette will be placed underneath your pet
    • The X-ray equipment is placed over the problem area
    • In minor cases, sedation is required for careful examination
    • Your dogs will be reposition to cover the problem area
    • On average, the process takes around 10 minutes
    Once the x-ray is completed, a digital copy is produced for your vet. X-rays are generally ready for viewing instantly.

    Are X-Rays harmful to dogs?

    Exposure to x-rays is not practically harmful to your pet. However, a thorough examination is carried out prior to the x-ray session to see if the health conditions are safe or not – especially when the host is pregnant. Consult with your vet, they will guide you better.


    Can you X-ray a dog's head?

    A head is the most sensitive part of every living creature on the planet. The MRI is the only means to check the inner structure of the skull. It allows the examiner to check the brain, inner joints, and spinal cord. In short, X-rays are not used on your pet’s head.

    How much do dog x-rays cost?

    The cost of the X-rays depends on the following factors

    • The sedation or anesthesia
    • Number of views required
    • Regular Vs digital image
    • Emergency vs regular x-rays

    How Aloropi help you in X-Ray

    Aloropi Vet Center has a specialized team of medical professionals that perform pet x-rays. Not only this, we have the most advanced and accurate x-ray machines and other medical equipment. There’s no risk or your pet when taking x-rays.

    Every diagnostic treatment is carefully analyzed on the clinical indication. This ensures maximum gain and information for careful analyses.

    Book your Appointment today - Pet x-ray in sharjah

    Book your appointment today with one of our medical professionals and they will guide you on how things work. An X-ray is not entirely needed for all medical or orthodontic conditions. Sometimes, you can completely skip this and work on medication. We are the most advanced pet x-rays clinic in Sharjah that offers the safest and most affordable treatment solution.