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    Aloropi Vet Center is a qualified Pet grooming service center based in Sharjah and serves more of the UAE. We have a qualified team of professional groomers dedicated to providing both welfare and hygienic treatment for your pet. We pride ourselves in maintaining a high standard procedure to ensure maximum credibility for your pet.

    We treat the pet with the highest level of comfort, compassion, and maintain a strategic hygiene level all the time. Our love for pets is impeccable by the services we provide and the environment we have set in our clinic. At Aloropi vet center, we guarantee that your pet will feel the same experience as they feel at home.

    Professional Vet Groomers in Sharjah

    A pet’s health is an important part of the overall growth of the animal. It increases their lifespan, ability to learn new things, mood, trust, and compassion for their owner. Aloropi Vet Center offers the residents of Sharjah an attractive opportunity by providing state of the art pet grooming service.

    We understand the need for a pet, hence have specified packages for every pet category. As the atmosphere of Sharjah contains excessive heat, dust, high winds, and sand, so the owners are finding it difficult to groom their pets. We not only offer physical cleanliness, but also a hygienic treatment for your little fellow.


    Hire a professional Vet Groomer today

    Although you can groom your pet in-house, which is completely safe – Sometimes there are protocols that need extra precision. Like trimming, clipping, and hygienic cleanliness. As our pet’s love is unconditional, we have surpassed ourselves in learning ways how to deal with them.

    They will be most comfortable in our hands and will enjoy the full grooming service. For the next time, they will be more confident when coming to the vet.

    Benefits of pets Grooming Saloon Service

    • Less Stressful grooming for your every pet
    • Individual attention for every pet
    • 100% Sanitized and Hygienic grooming
    • Love and care from experienced staff
    • Affordable packages in every category

    The Organic pets Grooming Methods

    We use the safest and most reliable cleaning stuff to foster your pet’s health. As professional pet groomers, we’d help to provide an environment in which both the animal and the owner feel safe. All the grooming sessions will be held in one-on-one meetings. We first take time to understand your pet’s behavior and then interact with them.

    Our Pets Grooming Services in Sharjah

    We have been providing our services for quite some time now. We welcome you into our pet grooming categories. Each of the following categories has a special section for different breeds of dogs, cats, birds, and rabbits.



    Dog grooming is essential for the overall health of your pet. The services in this category include nail trimming, hair trimming, bathing, and other healthy activities.



    It is a famous saying that “a clean cat is a healthy cat”. We will do everything to groom your little partner. The services include bathing, nail trimming and shinning.

    Rabbit Grooming

    Rabbit Grooming

    Rabbit also demands your attention just like other pets. Grooming techniques for rabbits are different – mainly because of their organs are quite sensitive.

    Birds Grooming

    Birds Grooming

    Although birds groom themselves, they often need beak, nail, and feather trimming. We follow a strict procedure to offer the following services.

    Why Aloropi is different?

    Organic Options

    The shampoo and conditioners that we use are organic, made specifically for pets.

    Special Offers

    Get exclusive discounts on your first grooming session and enjoy loyalty services.

    After-Sale Service

    Our services extend to medication, grooming, cleaning, and lab services.

    Certified Staff

    Professional healthcare professionals are always available at your services.