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    Ultrasound is the best, non-painful, non-invasive way to evaluate soft tissues and fluid-filled organs in the body of pets. This includes an examination of the kidney, testicles, prostate, heart, liver, spleen, intestinal tract, uterus, eyes, and pancreas. It produces images of structure in the body and helps in the diagnostic process.

    Aloropi Vet Center offers dog and cat ultrasound services in Sharjah. Whether you’re looking for a pregnancy test or want to find out the root of a specific problem – We have the most advanced machinery to carry out a real-time examination.

    How Does Ultrasound for Dogs work?

    Ultrasound is very helpful to identify and diagnose health issues in cats and dogs. It is a painless procedure that uses High-Frequency Sound Waves (HFSW) to produce images of the pet organs.

    A specific level of sound waves is aimed at the body of the host. Some are absorbed by the tissues while others bounce back. The waves that bounce back are measured by a special machine that produces an image of a specific body area. This special machine is an ultrasound machine that produces live images within seconds.


    Benefits of Ultrasound for animals

      • It helps diagnose problems earlier
      • The results can be followed for more successful treatment outcomes
      • Ultrasound is a painless procedure
      • It can examine all sorts of pets
      • The images are shared electronically with the specialist
      • It is quick and effective
      • Ultrasound can diagnose a wide range of medical conditions

    The right time for Ultrasound scanning

    Ultrasound scanning is mostly used to identify the root of a problem or to check the pregnancy condition of a pet. It is useful for looking at organs like kidneys, bladder, heart, and liver. If you think that your pet has some kind of a problem, take it to our Vet Center. A veterinarian's approval is required for ultrasound scanning.

    Aloropi Vet Ultrasound Services

    At Aloropi vet center, the ultrasound procedures are carried out by a professional veterinarian. We have a staff of both medical professionals and take career. If the doctor suggests in-house treatment, we have all the equipment required to carry out the ultrasound process. We offer our services for:

    • Dog Ultrasound
    • Cat Ultrasound

    The examination report is checked out by professionals that offer further guidance along the way.

    Cats and Dogs Ultrasound - Preparation

    Although your vet will guide you along the way, here are some important notes that you can follow before the procedure.

    Do not feed your pet at least for 8-12 hours. This is important as a full stomach will disturb the waves for proper treatment.


    A partially full urinary bladder is helpful for the examination. Make sure they don't urinate more often.

    Cats and Dogs Ultrasound – Aftercare

    Following the examination, the results are shared with your veterinarian for further consultation. Some general indications are given during the examination, but the final results are shared by your specialist. Normally, there’s no after-care guideline. Just give your pet something to eat, because they will be probably hungry.


    Instantly check the Result of the Examination

    One of the best parts of ultrasound is that you can check the examination report in real-time. The images are displayed on the screen as well as available in photographs. In some cases, the images are sent over to a veterinarian for further consultation. If this happens, the result depends on how many days the vet takes to progress the report. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does my dog really need an ultrasound?

    If your veterinarian finds abnormalities in your pet’s system, they may recommend an ultrasound. This allows the visualization of various parts of the organs in the body.

    What is the average cost of ultrasound for a dog?

    The cost depends on the specialist and general practitioner followed during the process. On average, comprehensive abdominal ultrasound costs around 1200 AED.

    What does a dog ultrasound show?

    A digital ultrasound can detect abnormalities and track the progress of the disease. You can follow this procedure for an early diagnosis.

    Is it Necessary to Shave My Dog Hair in Ultrasound?

    The ultrasound probe needs to make contact with the animal skin. So in most cases, hair removal is required in the possible area. Our Dermatologists will be reached at your help.