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As a Vet in Sharjah offers all the best quality veterinary services for your little companion. If you really care for your pets it is time you take veterinary services.

The Ultimate Carer for Your Pets – Pet clinic in Dubai

Pets form an essential part of human life. Caring for them means to begin with their essential needs, to look after them like taking care of yourself. Be it your cat or dog, we, Pet clinic in Dubai can provide them with the utmost care in everything starting from health to entertainment activities.


Our specialists can provide you with vaccination services, health treatments, neuter services, diet plans, dental cleanings for anything related to your pet’s health.

Vet in Sharjah

We at Aloropi, Vet in Sharjah are committed to offering full-scale pet veterinary services in Sharjah. Our specialized Mobile Grooming in Sharjah and experienced staff offer personalized services combined with modern medication technology. Driven by the aim to provide the highest quality of healthcare services – Aloropi Vet Center, the best pet clinic in Dubai is committed to build a strong relationship with both pets and owners.

Our Vision

Our mission is to not only to achieve fine-line veterinary care but to also focus on improving the healthcare of your pet. That’s why we offer a free nutrition plan with each of our clinic visits.

Core Values

  • To offer safe and reliable care
  • Embody Compassion
  • Be the First to Solution
  • Build a strong relationship
  • Innovate Courageously
  • Premium and Affordable Plans

Music Star #dyler visits Aloropi Vet center with his cute little companion for grooming.

Watch Musician Dyler utilizes our grooming services. He experienced the professionalism & quality of our pet groomers. It is our mission to offer calm and relaxing surroundings, making your pet pampering experience, an enjoyable one.

Animal Specialist Clinic - Vet in Sharjah

Pet vaccinations

Vaccination and deworming at the proper time. Satisfactory accommodation. Making them comfortable with vaccination procedures and also for the blood test for pets in Sharjah.

Grooming Services

All types of grooming services like nail trimming, bath, polish, shave, and more are available at Mobile Grooming in Sharjah. Our expert hands will deal with all the grooming procedures.

Animal care

Specialized animal care from professional staff - 100% Satisfactory. We are well known for our Mobile Grooming in Sharjah.


State of the art checking room and comfortable sitting area. Accommodating pets and providing them with a friendly atmosphere.

In-House Lab

Emergency and extensive care lab reports are available in time. Providing the necessary lab details on-time.

Surgical Treatment

From simple to complex surgical treatment - Expert Staff. Be it any type of surgical procedure our experts can help you.

Diagnostic Care

Full diagnostic care with imaging equipment.Our professionals can provide you with complete diagnostic care.

Wound care

Vaccination, deworming, lab test, and patch-up for wounds. Be it intense or mild we can help your pets with the best care.

Day Care

Proper daycare services with timing and analysis. Appropriate pet services on daily timing and analysis by our Vet surgery clinic Sharjah.

What makes us different?

Our commitment is to treat pets with respect, dignity, integrity, and above all, compassion. We offer all-inclusive Pet care in Sharjah & Pets grooming in Dubai
  • Nutrition Plans
  • Prevention Care
  • Commercial Laboratory
  • Board-Certified Staff
  • Approved Medication
  • Comfortable Environment

Professional Veterinary Services
in 3 simple steps

  • 1
    Call or submit the form

    Contact us on our given information and book an appointment today!

  • 2
    Health Care and Maintenance

    Diagnosis and prevention care by experienced-professionals

  • 3
    Effective Treatment

    Safe goodwill of your little companion with satisfactory results from Pet clinic in Dubai

Everything we do is for the health and well being of our patients

At Aloropi Vet Center, the best pet clinic in Dubai offers veterinary services at every stage of life. From simple vaccination to surgical procedure - We care with the best Pets grooming in Dubai.

Hear from our customers

Want to hear from our customers? Check out the reviews about Aloropi Vet Center, our vet clinic in Sharjah. We hope to satisfy and further extend our skills in future.
This clinic has far exceeded my expectations. I’ve seen the way they treat pets with full care and I am amazed with how eager/passionate they are with animals. I recommend any pet lover to see and observe how much they work to maintain a healthy pet in their store
Alia Hamid
aloropi vet center
The doctor and the team, achieved a miraculous job on my dog when I took my dog in as an emergency from another clinic where he never got the right treatment or care that he needed.
Amira Hassin
aloropi vet center
I was bit apprehensive to leave my dog as this was my first experience but it was worth it. They even went the extra mile to groom my dog, update me on WhatsApp on how my dog was progressing while in their care for a day. To add to the delight they shared few goodies when we left after boarding.
Shikha Taher
aloropi vet center