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    Pet Health Check

    Although regular check up is essential, it certainly is more important for our pets. Why? Because pets can’t describe their state like us. They can’t explain what’s happening with them – Until the disease spread and it’s too late.

    We welcome you at the Aloropi vet center and appreciate the opportunity to take care of your pet. Our specialized staff, combined with state of the art treatment methods allows us to exhibit the sign of the problem. If you feel that your pet is being off, like they are panting, vomiting, moving abnormally, not eating their food, being quiet, and not sleeping properly, give us a call today.

    Why a Pet Health Check is recommended?

    Pets don’t really describe what they have in mind. It’s in their behavior that they don’t show signs of irregularity to their owners, just to stay on the safe side. A regular pet health check allows us to detect, treat, and prevent any possible illnesses. A pet health check is recommended because, it helps:

    • Detect Early Disease Detection
    • Prevent Serious Future Treatment
    • Offers Regular Wellness Checkup
    • Increase confidence and state of life

    Pet Health Checkup Services We Offer

    Affordable Pet Checkup Plans

    Our check-up plans are designed to suit the requirement of every medical problem. We never charge for extra routines. We believe that healthcare comes first before anything. You can also customize your packages for the required services.

    At Aloropi, we’re offering full convenience for your pet’s health. Both of our Physical and Wellness treatment plans follow all the standard medical procedures. We take great joy in providing high-quality services to our client’s treasured pets.


    Customer Satisfaction... Guaranteed!

    We believe that customer satisfaction is the true scale of any service. Hence, we offer our best health care treatment in Sharjah for cats and dogs. All of our health care plans follow strict guidelines and regulated policies.

    Also, we fully discuss the scale of the problem with staff and clients. We want you to trust us, just like you trust your pet. And to maximize comfort, we have a specialized pet boarding area and adequate seating space. Book your appointment today, dog and cat health check Sharjah.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much is a pet health check?

    The cost for a pet health check includes 2 categories; Physical and wellness checkups. Based on these, your overall cost is calculated. Contact us for detailed payment plans.

    Who conducts the Pet Health Check?

    Both the physical and wellness health check are performed by an experienced veterinary. During the procedure, the vet will discuss any findings that may require your attention.

    How often should you take your pet for a health check?

    We recommend that you take your pet for a health check every 3-6 months. However, depending on the condition, the duration may be revised as well