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    Pet Dermatologist in Dubai : vet ringworm treatment in Sharjah

    Aloropi Vet Center is dedicated to providing complete guidance and support for animal dermatological service in Sharjah. We are specially trained to identify the root of a skin condition and offer easy treatment that requires no on-going care. Best Dermatologist in Dubai offers secure & safe services.

    Pet dermatologists are veterinary specialists in Dubai, who are well trained to identify skin-related problems in cats, dogs, and other animals.  No matter what the skin problem is, your pet will get the best experience with our custom-made dermatological plans.

    Veterinary Dermatology: From a Problem to Solution

    If you're noticing a sudden rise in the scratching and itching of your little companion, be alert that there's something wrong. Because a pet stays mostly at home and literally wanders around in the full house, this can cause problems for your family health.

    Take your pet to an animal dermatology clinic and let them analyze it from top to bottom. Find out what's the root of the problem and immediately start the treatment. Don't let the bond fray between you and your little companion.


    A Veterinary Dermatologist can help

    Like humans, your pet can have allergies and other skin-related problems. Now it doesn't mean that all the problems will fade away when you clean them up with 'Anti-bacterial' shampoo. Just like humans, there are specialized vet dermatologists available that offer treatment of nail, skin, ear, and hair problems in pets.
    Allergies are the main cause of this problem, and if not treated in time can cause a significant effect on your pet. Don't let your pet suffer a lot. We give the best dermatological service in Sharjah. So, take your pet to the Aloropi Vet Center for full analysis.

    Check this Symptoms in your Pet - Dermatology specialist in UAE

    If you have a dog or cat as a pet in your house, watch for the following symptoms. Remember, sooner is better than later.

    • Lack of appetite
    • Frequently shakes their head
    • Over-grooming
    • Neil biting or pulling
    • Scratches more than usual
    • Constantly hiding from the owner
    • Skin lesions
    • Constantly refuses to be petted

    If you feel any of the aforementioned symptoms or abnormalities, go and see your pet skin specialist immediately.


    Best Veterinary Dermatologist in Sharjah

    At Aloropoi Vet center, all the medical specialists are certified professionals. We have years of experience on-field and training on how to treat a pet with extra care. We use different techniques to diagnose a problem and offer our on-going services for future consideration.

    You should be aware that a dermatology issue is not a one-time fix. Much like humans, it’s more about managing the condition rather than just giving the medication.

    Skin Problems that we treat

    • Allergies and Hot Spots
    • Skin Parasites
    • Skin tumors and Cysts
    • Autoimmune diseases
    • Ear infection
    • Nutrition-related problems
    • Toenail Problems
    • Skin cancer
    • Anal sac diseases

    Pet Skin Problems & Diagnostics

    Once the skin problem is identified, leave the rest to your dermatologist. It is important that you provide a complete Client History Questionnaire to your vet. It helps them better understand the situation and provide a more compact medication. Before arriving for your visit, keep the following important tips in mind.
    • Stop any medication for at least 3 days
    • Consult with your doctor if a certain medication is important
    • Do not bathe your pet before visiting

    Love Snuggling Your Pet Again: Dermatologist UAE

    Share all the love with your pet again. Visit Aloropi Vet Center for a detailed consultation and analysis of your pet’s skin condition. We are specialized professionals for dermatological services in Sharjah. By testing and Lab consolation, we carry out a more compact medication for your pet.

    This not only saves time but the effort your pet is putting during the process. Call us today for online consultation and to book your appointment with our specialist.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a Veterinary Dermatologist?

    A veterinary dermatologist is a doctor who has completed schooling and expertise in pet dermatology. They specialize in caring for animals and treat a wide range of skin related problems.

    What does a veterinary dermatologist do?

    A veterinary dermatologist treats a wide range of skin related problems like skin rash, skin disease, skin allergy, or hair disease.

    What causes skin problems in animals?

    Animals can develop skin problems as a result of some allergic reaction or environment where they mostly stay. Others can have skin problems because of their diet.