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    Cat Grooming

    End your search for Cat Grooming Service because Alorapi Vet Center is here to help. Although cats do a good job of cleaning themselves, it still requires a special procedure to save your house from all the allergies and bacteria. Keep your kitty’s eye, ear, claws, skin, teeth, and fur clean from a specialized professional at Alaropi Vet Clinic.

    All that Cuteness Requires Special Attention

    If you think that your cat stays away from the bath, don’t worry! It’s completely normal. Cats need regular grooming even if you think they stay all day inside the home. Regular grooming will help regulate their blood circulation, get rid of excessive hair, and give your cat a perfect ‘miss-world’ type of look.

    At Aloropi Vet Center we offer the best cat grooming service in Sharjah. We have specialized professionals that perform magic to clean your cat from top to bottom.

    The magic includes the following:

    • Teeth Cleaning
    • Eye’s Cleaning
    • Ear Cleaning
    • Body Shave
    • Nail Clipping
    • Bath and Brush
    • Tick Fleas
    • Medication and more

    Professional Cat Groomers in Dubai

    Our years of experience and certified training allows us to perform the most reliable and comfortable grooming service. We adapt to your pet’s mood and use our technical skills to understand the behavior and possible fear of the animal. We also make sure that there’s the least stress involved during the grooming process.

    Make Grooming Enjoyable for Both of Us

    A grooming session should be fun and energetic for both the animal and you. We always recommend our clients bring their animals into the clinic when they are most relaxed. If your pet is relaxed during the session, it will build a positive image on their mind. Next time, your kitty will remember that grooming is a healthy routine and they will thoroughly enjoy it.


    What to expect from Cat grooming?

    While cat grooming service comes with a lot of different packages, they all have the same goal – To clean your animal. To cover the basics, here are all the services you can expect from a professional cat groomers center.

    • 1
      Basic Nail Care

      Trimming your kitty nails is one of the most essential parts of the grooming process. Cats often claw their owners. If their nails are not properly trimmed, it can lead to serious injuries. Maintaining short nails is both helpful for the owner and the pet.

    • 2
      Brushing and Trimming

      Professional groomers have special combs and brushes that are designed for layering fur. They go above and beyond your everyday brushing session. They also trim the area which requires adjustments. During the process, your vet will guide you on what's best for your cat. Go with the suggestion and you'll have the best experience.

    • 3
      Cat Bath

      Cats hate baths, even if they are very close to their owners. They are angry honey badgers that often come up with ninja skills to tackle you. A professional groomer has studied the dermatological condition and the behavior of the cat. They know where to grab them, check their mood, and follow strict procedures to offer the best bathing experience. Each session is then carried out by a drying system that helps further clean the residue.

    • 4
      Ear Care

      This is the area where the cat can't reach. Just like humans, your cats need ear cleaning. In fact, they have larger ears than us. A cat groomer will check the inner and outer layer and clean if required.

    • 5
      Dental Care

      If your cat needs teeth cleaning or any other sort of dental care, it will be done at the end of the session coupled together, these services are the main points that offer your pet a refreshing feeling.


    A great way to keep your cat motivated: Cat Grooming

    A clean animal not only goes by good looks but also by good hygiene. Therefore, many people understand that grooming their dogs, cats is important as well.

    A clean environment will always give your animal a sense of motivation. They will explore more, behave normally, and often share their love with you. So to grab all that love, book an appointment today

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does it cost to groom a cat?

    Initially, cat grooming cost depends on the services you’re buying from the vet center. On average, it ranges from 150dh to 300dh for full cat grooming.

    What does cat grooming include?

    A cat grooming session includes handling dental hygiene, matted fur, ticks, fleas, dandruff, parasites, trimming, haircut, and other health issues. Actually, it’s an overall improvement of your pet.

    How often should cats be professionally groomed?

    A full-cat grooming session should be conducted every 2 weeks. You can always take your cat at the earliest if you think they are dirty or need special attention.