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    Day Care

    At Aloropi Vet Center, we understand how hard it is to leave your ‘partner in crime’ alone, to leave on a place to play and to stay – While the check-list is a long one. We promise to check all the boxes by providing a comfortable, relaxing, safe, and convenient daycare service in Sharjah.

    That’s right! Now you don’t have to go to the big cities, just to travel all that way and drop your pet. Aloropi is a daycare center that specializes in a wide range of activities like dog boarding, outdoor activities, training, grooming, Spa experience, and sleepovers.

    Benefits of Daycare Center

    • Professional Supervision
    • Indoor and Outdoor activities
    • Scheduled reinforcement
    • Daycare park, pools, and playground
    • Safe and Secure Environment
    • Supervision report to the owner

    All the excitement packaged in at one place

    Animal Daycare is a guilty-free solution to leave your pet at a safe place, while you go ahead on working hours. Exploring is like being stuck into a dog’s DNA. They would like to jump, play, run, and hide, and we encourage them to do all of these things at Aloropi.

    At our outdoor and indoor centers, your pet will enjoy activities, just like they do with you. The protocols we follow are some of the safest in Sharjah, creating an environment that increases your dog’s energy level.

    Keep your Dog's Occupied!

    Dogs are socialized animals that enjoy the company of groups at a manageable level. All the daycare sessions are supervised by our staff and exercise throughout the day. The Add-on program includes a period of activities including rest, playtime, feed time, outdoor boarding, and training.


    Our Daycare Pet Services

    Doggy Daycare

    A large area of both indoor and outdoor doggy daycare park in Sharjah! Fresh atmosphere, clean environment, and fully supervised.

    Great Outdoor

    At Aloropi Vet Center, we offer different layers of outdoor sections, designed to meet the environment of the city.


    When tired from all-day activities, your dog can relax and have a perfect nap time at our Sleepovers section.


    We organize a special training session for dogs, just to teach them basic everyday manners.

    Spa Experience

    Aloropi Vet Center also caters to take care of your pet's hygienic needs and offers grooming services in Sharjah.

    Vet Clinic

    Want to meet our doctors? You can schedule an appointment and ensure that your doggo is healthy.

    Vet day care services in Dubai

    We care for you and your Dog

    We encourage all of our visitors to first consult with us regarding their dog behaviors. All the dogs are different and should be treated accordingly. We first get to know all about your dog, and just like a good teacher – conduct a save strategy that best suits their need. If your dog doesn’t have a perfect day, we also send a detailed report of how they act up in class.

    Part of a Bigger Family

    At Aloropi Vet center, your pet is part of a bigger family where they’ll get all the training, socialization, and monitoring. Best of all, we provide updated reports to owners, with this, you will have freedom of safety just to leave your dog outside. So what are you waiting for? Book an appointment today or visit our site location!


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the average cost for a doggie daycare?

    It depends on the level of services, center location, and add-ones you appoint per day. A typical daycare starts as low as AED 70 in Sharjah.

    Are doggie daycares good for dogs?

    Daycare centers are designed to train, socialize, and improve the behavior level of your pet. It can help maintain their bad activities and improve overall performance.

    How often should you take your dog to doggie daycare?

    Try taking your dog 2-3 days to a daycare center in a week. If you’re a busy person, then you can take 5 days/week.