Tips on Bird Care During the Holidays


Holidays, ever-ending joy & happiness for us, is that the same for our dear feathered companion. While having a good time with family & friends, the chance of fatality is very high for birds if you are not known of the dangers inside your home. Vet in Sharjah will help you pinpoint the changes you need to know on bird care to make your home bird freindly. Let’s take a closer look at your home.

Candle Free Environment

Lighting Candles invites danger in vivid forms. The flames from the scented candles can cause lung issues to birds since their respiratory systems are extremely fragile. Moreover the feathers are extremely sensitive to fire; jeopardy arises if they fly near/over the lit candles.

Say No to Kitchen

On holidays we spend a lion share of time in kitchen to make innovative and tasty foods. Apart fire, vapors from nonstick coated appliances, stoves and toaster oven can kill a bird in a moment. So make sure your bird is nowhere near the kitchen.

Stop Feeding Chocolate

Pet dentistry UAE suggests that, Chocolate contains caffeine and theobromine, which is poisonous to birds. Consuming chocolate leads to vomiting, diarrhea, rise in heart rate, tremors and seizures in terms results in death.

Opt Your Plants Carefully

Plants like Mistletoe, Ivy, Amaryllis, Daffodil, Poinsettia are widely used to decorate home, and is poisonous to birds. Instead choose spider plant, Jade, Hen & chick, and Boston fern as the best choice.

Check on Anxiety Level

Birds can get stressed easily. The new faces, Sound, light and other unfamiliar things may spook them faster compared to other pets. To make them feel comfortable, make sure they get regular attention or if it is a caged bird, replace the cage to somewhere quiet, pleasant, and protected area, away from the party place.


As a bird owner, leaving pets at home alone to go on an outing with the family will be the main dilemma we face. Here we can utilize the help of a professional pet sitter for their comfort. Or you may choose a pet boarding center/bird care center, where your bird will get up-to-date care and company. You may take a routine blood test for pets in Sharjah, to ensure the well being of your dear little friend.

Birds are known for love and compassion. They keep us occupied in our everyday lives. Also, Birds are less difficult to groom than other pets such as cats and dogs. Pets grooming in Dubai always recommends full-service bird grooming to keep your little friend physically clean and hygienic.

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