All about taking care of your pets dental health.


It is quite relevant to take care of your oral health just like taking care of our health. Even though we didn’t consider it seriously, as little kids were asked to brush our teeth twice before visiting the dentist. This is because we should take care of our dental care just as we care for our overall health. To have healthy teeth and gums dogs and cats need to be given the same care as us. Taking them for professional cleanups and brushing them at your residence are some of the things to do when caring for your pet’s dental care. This is said because many pet owners don’t properly brush their pet’s teeth. Many health problems arise with poor dental care. Within 2 to 3 years most of the pets will have many dental diseases. What this can lead to are tooth loss and swollen gums.

If you are serious about your pet’s dental care, what you should do is take them to Pet teeth cleaning in Dubai once a year and brush their teeth three to four times per week. We can help you learn the process of cleaning your pet and its dental care in this article.

Making them adjust to it

No pet will adjust to you sticking a brush into their mouth for the first time, they will try their best to not adjusting with it. You can follow the process given below to make them adjust to such a situation.

Getting your supplies

Purchasing pet toothpaste is best for them. They are available in separate forms for both cats and dogs. Human toothpaste is not fit for them as it can upset their stomach. Those toothbrushes have softer bristles and are tiny compared to the human brush. One prescribed model is a Woobamboo dog and cat toothbrush. When compared to the dog teeth, cat teeth are much smaller making it difficult to brush their teeth. This is why you can use a cotton swab or square gauze to clean your cat teeth. 

Massaging their lips and gums.

Keeping your pet in a safe spot is important while massaging their lips, teeth and gum. What you can do is massage your pet’s teeth in circular motions for about one minute. This can be done twice a day with the best pet dentistry UAE. You can use the same circular motion to massage your pet’s teeth and gums after which they will get comfortable with the massage process.

Using the toothpaste

Only after ensuring that your pet has adjusted with the brushing routine, you can move forward with using toothpaste. You can let your pet taste the cat or dog toothpaste by taking a pea-sized quantity on your fingertips and allowing the pet to taste it. After which you can reward your cat or dog with anything. Don’t make them brush suddenly after the tasting. You can increase the time between tasting the paste over a few days. After which your pet will get adjusted to the taste. Vet in Sharjah is the best place to ensure your pets complete care.

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