How to get started with obedience training for your dog

dog training

Training dogs are a big concern of pet dog owners especially those who become a new owner of a puppy. Puppies will start observing things from the start when they open their eyes for the first time. They will be learning from everything happening around them and what the owner taught them. It became a tradition to take the puppy to a pet trainer six months after they were born. Your dog could be trained with the best dog trainers from a reputed pet clinic in Dubai.

Aloropi vet in Sharjah offers the service of experts in dog training to make your beloved pet behave better. Some small words could be learned by the puppies in few weeks after they are born. However, formal training must be done to make them obedient to your commands and to change some bad habits they naturally trained themselves.

Not taking the dog for training before they hit complete adulthood could make it more difficult to make them well-trained as those dogs got trained from their puppy stage. Training must be gentle and never make them feel uneasy with your methods are important points to note while training your dog. Utilizing the short attention span of the puppies is the way to go. Small commands can be taught by using them with puppies regularly.

Which training is better?

Home or group training can be done for dogs and both have their advantages and disadvantages. In Home training offers more time for teaching important things while training with a group of puppies improves the focusing ability. Home training includes spending more time with the dog and creating an emotional relationship with them.

Group training improves the ability of dogs to concentrate on things even in the busiest surroundings. Besides, they will also get professionally trained for being socially cooperative and non-violent in any provoking situations. Any age of dogs could be trained with a professional trainer in a vet center or dog training institute.

That being said, both training methods have their pros and cons. Moreover, dog owners can go a little more expensive by hiring a dog trainer to do private training in the home itself. It will allow more time for the owner to be with the pet, but still, there will be a question on the development of social skills in the dog. The first few weeks of home training and seeking help from a trainer for another three to six weeks are the best way to make your dog obedient in any situation.

Training your dog in the home

Positive reinforcement is the way to develop good behavior in a dog. Keeping them happy with small rewards for their actions is the way to positivity in them. It is a must to be calm and caring with them by avoiding extreme punishments. No punishment policy is encouraged especially with small dogs. It will create confusion inside them about the actual goal of training.

After all, your patience will make a good influence on the dog too by making them socially more adaptable. Training treats, food, toys, and anything could be used as a reward for the dog. Good and appreciative words alongside these rewards will make them react happily. It can also be used as a reward instead of spoiling them with more food and other unwanted amenities.

Never train the dog for a maximum of more than six weeks if they are still not showing any changes. It will be better to take them to a trainer instead. Let’s take a look at some of the effective training practices that you dog owners can adopt to train their dog at home.

Train the dog to come when called

Offering treats are the best way to keep your dog nearby especially during the training period. The same technique must be used to make them arrive by your side when they hear the word “come” or whatever word you choose to make them do the specified action. Show something to eat or drop it on the floor and call them.

An interesting food item or any treat will surely make the dog come to you. Repeat the same step a few times and make it a regular thing in daily life. Make it more fun after a while by reducing the treatment and making them face you when they hear the name. Play catch me if you can games with them because dogs love games including chasing and running.

Ensure that they enjoy every time arriving near you. They will start to respond to the name and come to you even without any treat or toy if you are fun and comfortable. Standing near to you is not a signal for grabbing them instead, take it slow and stand on your knee. Eventually, the dog will itself come inside your hands for comfort and to be pampered.

Training the dog to walk on loose-leash

Training the dog to walk obediently on the safe side of the road with or without a leash according to where you are taking them to walk. Keeping them on the same side is more recommended to not make them confused with frequent changes.

The first thing to perform is the ways to make the leash comfortable for the dog. Some dogs will take more time to get used to it so make it more friendly by offering treats. Standing and sitting alongside giving treats to them before walking could make them ease. Take few steps while not forgetting about the treats.

Keep the treat in your hand and make them walk alongside. The walk must be slow and not dropping the treat down on the floor will keep their head straight on the road. Calling the name and rewarding while they attempt to run in front of you also help in developing an obedient behavior.

Never make the dog intimidated with the actions like not giving them enough freedom to experience the surroundings. Smelling is a dog instinctive, let them smell until they are satisfied is a way to let them know that spending time with you is much safe and enjoyable.

Make them sit and lie down

The first method to make the dog sit when you need is by making them sit by themselves. Treats are the way to make it happen. Use the word “sit” and wait for him to sit and offer a treat. Make him stand up with your actions or by walking from him. Then stop to make him sit and provide the treat. Repeat this method.

Keeping the treat near the nose of the puppy and slowly moving it upwards will make the puppy try to stand up. Stop when the dog sits on the bottom and give the treat. The treats could be removed after sometimes but always keep them happy with treats after that actions. Some people try to make them sit by folding their legs in position. It is wrong and confusing to them.

There are similarities when it comes to making the dog sit or lay down. Space where not many activities going on might help to get them lay on the floor being bored. Now, try the same techniques used for making them sit. Use appropriate words you prefer while not forgetting about the treat offerings.

Making the dog stay in position

Making the dog stay means keeping them in the position they are until you make them move again. For instance, to make them stay in a sitting position for a period ending when you say the release word. Make them understand that the release word gives the freedom to move. Paly and pause method of making them walk and stop with dropping a treat on the floor will help to train stay behavior in your dog.

Tip to train the dog

Always make the whole training process fun and comfortable for your pet. Keep an eye on the speed of the dog’s learning process and make the rewards more interesting. Home training is better for all these actions. However, a dog that could be involved in crowded areas must be trained with a professional to generate some social skills in them. Vet daycare services in Dubai have the facilities to train your dog in any way. Aloropi vet in Sharjah offers all training and treating services for any breed.

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