What to do when you find an injured bird


Finding an injured bird can produce a moment of unschooled anxiety for some of us. Birds can find themselves in constant danger especially in city areas with their high-rise buildings and structures. One common cause of bird accidents, as the vets in Sharjah point out is the collision of migratory birds with skyscrapers as they get confused on their navigator path. This article intends to give a rough picture of the best thing to do when you find an injured bird.

What to do immediately 

First things first. If you find the bird visibly injured, take precautions to stop the bleeding as soon as possible. Press a clean cloth on the wound till the bleeding has stopped. In most cases, the bird could be shaken up and unresponsive. Place the bird in a warm place with plenty of air supply and do not force it to eat or drink if it refuses. Most pet clinics in Dubai have the best facilities to treat a bird with severe shock or injury. When the bird has recovered from the shock, examine it thoroughly and check for any serious deformity. See if the bird is responding to movement or light. If it is not, take the bird immediately to a vet. 

Orphaned birds :-

One of the serious concerns from experts in pet grooming in Dubai is that some people mistake a normal, fragile youngling for an injured bird. If you come across a weak and overtly jumpy young bird, make sure it is orphaned. Hatchlings and nestlings need to be taken good care of at the young stage. They have to be kept in a warm and safe place with a proper supply of food and water. Vet surgery clinics in Sharjah advocate using a makeshift nest with a small container or dish, lined with paper.

What to feed an injured bird

The orphaned or injured bird must be properly fed with a balanced diet comprising of vitamins, minerals, and fibers. High protein cereals would be sufficient for infant seed-eating birds. Pet clinics in Dubai suggest refilling the feeders at regular intervals. Insect eaters can be given mince mix, mealworms, insects, or biscuit mix. When it comes to pet grooming, a key thing worth remembering is to maintain constant vigilance.

If your bird shows little signs of recovery, consult a pet clinic immediately. Even after the wound is healed, a bird needs proper care and attention especially the young and orphaned ones. Vaccination is another step to keeping a bird healthy and disease resistive. Vet vaccination centers in Sharjah provide vaccination against a variety of common sicknesses, communicable or otherwise.      

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