Parasite Prevention Care For Your Little Buddy


Such an energetic fellow your pet, is it. But is he/she healthy as they seem? Evidently, they may not. Just even now, your pet might be at war with Parasites. Independent of age, Parasites is a danger at your doorstep that causes a severe effect on the existing illness of our beloved friend. Vet in Sharjah strongly suggests a committed pet parent should be aware of the parasites in pets and prevention methods.

Parasites in Pets

Parasites are referred to as organisms that prey on or live inside other species and feeds off of them. Internal helminths such as roundworms, tapeworms & flukes as well as external arthropods like mites, lice, ticks & flies cause these diseases. Parasites can cause a wide variety of health problems in pets, from mild discomfort to severe conditions that can be life-threatening. Human health is also at risk from parasites as they can be transmitted from pets. Pet clinic in Dubai categorizes parasites into two.

1 – Internal Parasites

2 – External Parasites

Internal Parasites

Internal parasites are the worms that live within your pet’s body. They are extremely hard to detect, causes major infestation and unalterable damages to organs. Vet ringworm treatment in Sharjah will aid you in deworming your dear little friend effectively. Mosquito bites, consuming infected flea, spores in infected soil or water, direct contact with an infected pet are often the way how a pet get a parasite. Diarrhea, with or without bleeding or mucus and vomiting are the common symptoms of Internal parasites in pets.

External Parasites

Fleas, Mites, ticks are some example of external parasites. External parasites become much easier to identify since they exist outside of a pet’s body. Even though, these blood-sucking parasites can be particularly annoying to pets, causing severe skin issues and might be the carrier of infections.

Parasites Prevention in Pets

Always be aware of the parasites near the area that can farm your pet badly. Ask for veterinary advice if needed. Hygiene plays an important role in keeping parasites away. One may take services of the Pets grooming in Dubai to keep your dear friend clean and tidy. Also, visit your veterinarian for a fecal check every 6 months. Pumpkin seeds, Carrots, coconuts, Apple cider vinegar and turmeric are the effectively used natural medicines you can give to your pet to treat/prevent parasites in pets. Since food is another source of getting infected, keep an eye on the intake while you roam with your pets.

Create a healthy environment for your pet with only a little effort from your side.

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