Top 3 Pet Grooming Ideas for your Pet’s Better Health


Is grooming your pet can only be beneficial for their outlook? Well, the answer is a NO. Grooming is a process that cleans your pet’s face, hair & skin and makes them look good. It also improves your pet’s blood flow, distributes natural fur oil while brushing, and aids in the development of good posture, among other benefits. There is a variety of grooming process available for each pet. Now let’s discuss some of the services provided by the vet clinic and pet grooming in Sharjah.

An initial checkup is given to get a chance to meet your lovely dog and discuss the type of dog grooming service you’re interested in. Our professional groomers will dedicate this time to trying to get to know your pet.

Bathing service

Bathing your dog generally aids in the maintenance of healthy skin, a healthy coat, and the removal of foul odors. Selecting the right shampoo plays the main role in this section as their skin Ph differs from ours. The shampoo and conditioners that Aloropi Vet in Sharjah uses are organic, made specifically for pets. We have to make sure that the shampoo or conditioner has been removed completely! They may develop dry, itchy skin as a result of leftover soap.

Teeth Cleansing

Chewing is natural instinct of dogs and it plays a good role in maintaining their health of teeth and gum. It may backfire if the food waste accumulates in the teeth, causing damage to the teeth of your dear pet. Oral exams and therapies, such as teeth cleaning, scaling & polishing, plaque & tartar removal in the gum line, many more are provided by pet teeth cleaning in Dubai.

Brushing and Trimming of Hair

Brushing and combing your dog’s coat is an essential part of overall pet care. Our stylists work their magic to design a breed standard hairstyle that is tailored to your dog’s requirements. Every dog has a unique hair coat that requires the use of specific brushes and combs, hence always chooses the brush wisely. Brushing helps in the removal of dead hairs prevents knots & mats and maintains a good physique.

  • Smooth Coat – You can wash and brush your dog’s coat on a routine basis if it has a smooth fur coat.
  • Double Coat – These dogs need a little more attention. On their skin, they grow mats. For this, you should seek the advice of a professional groomer. Every three weeks, these dogs need a full grooming service.
  • Long Coats – Grooming should be done on a regular basis for dogs with long coats. The coarse and silky hair types are handled separately.
  • Curly coat – Curly hair tends to get dirty more quickly than the rest of the coat. Every three weeks, a professional grooming bath and regular brushing at home are required.

We understand the needs of pets and have created packages for each one. Owners are finding it difficult to groom their dogs in Sharjah due to the excessive heat, dust, high winds, and sand. Worry not, Aloropi Vet center also provides mobile grooming in Sharjah for your dear little friend.

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