Keeping your Pet Reptile Safe during the Winters.


One can’t deal with the storms and cold temperatures if they are living in a place where the seasons change rapidly and will have to struggle with the change in weather caused. Here taking care of your pet is important too. When a temperature change happens how do your exotic pet deal with it? Do they find it very difficult and do you have to provide them extra care? We can provide you with some major tips to keep your pet safe during the winters with our vet Vaccination Center in Sharjah.

Providing the warmth

Keep your birds and reptiles healthy by keeping them warm. As temperatures below the 50s are acceptable by larger birds like parrots, but they may get fluffed up if it goes below that. This is because they try to keep their bodies warm through cold temperatures. Trying to keep themselves warm they keep on eating.

The body temperatures of the reptiles change accordingly with the environmental temperatures. They are usually cold-blooded creatures. Their body temperatures also drop when the environment gets cold. At suboptimal temperatures, their metabolism may slow down- digestive and immune systems which happens usually during brumation. For a safe period, these reptiles can live in less than ideal temperatures. After which they can get sick due to hibernation.

Not only them, but other exotic pets may also suffer. One thing to care for if you have exotic pets is to keep their surroundings warm. With the loss of electricity, if your home has become cold, then you will have to keep them safe in a towel and lessen the airflow. Keep their cage near a sunlit place and must have plastic bottles or rubber gloves that should be filled with warm water. Better to keep any towel underneath them as there is a chance to eat off the plastic by these birds or mammals. Our vet in Sharjah can provide you with the best care for your exotic pets.

Providing sufficient water.

You can lose your water supply when you don’t have electricity and also when your pipes freeze in the heavy storms. Fast dehydration can occur when as they need high water requirements and also because of their fast metabolism and small sizes. Keeping your bird or exotic animals safe and healthy during severe cold should be ensured by giving them sufficient water and keeping them hydrated throughout. These exotic pets may lose water through their mouth after panting and will get dehydrated, resulting in them not consuming anything at all. This is mainly due to stress. In order to keep them away from any illness, it must be ensured that they get sufficient water and food and also denying these can make them sick animals. Most of the pets grooming in Dubai does the same with your pets.

Preventing trauma

Worse, they may escape their cages into dark rooms where, if they are able to fly, they can smash into objects or fly outdoors. Especially during any power outage, these birds and exotic pets can’t stay in the dark during prolonged hours as they can become very nervous and stressed out too. Without any light sources, they can often hurt themselves and injure their wings. These animals or birds may somehow get out of the cage and wander into anything on their way, smashing into it or often fly away.

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