Read your cat: Pay attention to these cat behaviours and their health effects


Cats are often hard nuts to crack, unlike the cutesy doggos who are much more expressive all around. Veterinarians and animal experts believe that there are many advantages of reading a cat’s cues and behavioural traits as these provide valuable insights about the health conditions and well being of your pet cat. Most pet owners can be clueless when it comes to reading the stoic and expressionless kitten. Even experienced cat owners still have a tough time figuring out these complex fellas. Any abnormality in the behavioural pattern of your pet should be taken seriously, and choose the right remedy. Let us take a look at some of the common cat behaviours and their implications on their health according to the vets in Sharjah.

  • Showing belly

Showing their belly may not always be a call for affection. Many pet owners mistake displaying belly as a sign of vulnerability. While most of the time it do mean a friendly cat, that may not be the case sometimes. Displaying the belly is a protective gesture that communicates to potential attackers that all of the cat’s limbs and claws are primed and ready to fight. Another typical reason they flash their stomachs is that they are attempting to stretch. It can also mean they are hungry and are trying to let you know. So keep your cat well-nourished if you are not already doing it. Contact a certified pet clinic in Dubai to learn more about the proper diet plan for your cat.

  • Avoiding litter box

When your cat thinks that the litter box is off-limits, it may be quite aggravating. But there’s generally a reason why cats refuse to use their litter box, and thankfully, there’s a lot you can do about it. Bladder stones, urinary tract disorders, and urine crystals are all possible causes for your cat to avoid using the litter box. Make an appointment with your vet in Sharjah to rule off these and other health concerns in your cat.

Each cat should have at least one litter box. If your cat has to wait in line to go to the toilet, they may opt to go somewhere else to discharge themselves. Try out a couple of different types of litter and litter boxes. Some cats love covered boxes, while others prefer uncovered boxes, and some cats choose one trash over another.

  • Scratching

It may appear that kitten is scratching your furniture and curtains to bother you, but they are actually doing so to relieve stress, play, mark their domain, and even get rid of worn claws. Constant scratching is one cat activity that aids in the removal of dead nail growth. There are two other key reasons why cats scratch. They use it to stretch or to mark their scent. Unfortunately, some of the pet owners resort to declawing cats when a couch or rug becomes our favourite scratching location. Cats prefer you not to—it would be the equivalent of having your fingers chopped off.

  • Aggression

Illness, overpopulation, lack of socialisation, maternal protection, and even simple play can all cause a cat to become violent. Consult your veterinarian from any leading pet clinic in Dubai about your cat’s aggressiveness. Because pain and illness may put anyone in a poor mood, you will want to rule out any physical explanations for the cat’s bad mood before proceeding. Male cats who aren’t fixed are more prone to aggressiveness than other cats, and it only takes one intact male to influence the behaviour of all the other cats in the house. The answer is straightforward- neuter or spay your cat companions.

  • No sleep at night

Cats were nocturnal by nature until they were domesticated, so it’s understandable that too much evening activity is a typical complaint among new pet parents. Check to see if your cat has any medical issues. An anxious, energetic kitty might be in discomfort, so consult a good pet clinic in Dubai if you suspect anything is wrong. If your cat is just boisterous at night, a fun play exercise before bedtime will help exhaust and relax them. Make sure your cat’s surroundings are enriching so that he has lots to do during the day, which will encourage him to sleep at night.

  • Too playful

The behavioural patterns of your cats can shed light on some fascinating news about their health conditions. Kittens and cats like playing. They improve physical coordination and social abilities with every bite, pounce, and kick. However, felines may become a little too friendly with their human playmates at times, leaving bites or wounds that can get infectious. Fortunately, you can continue to play with your cat without needing sutures. Toys, hammocks, and outside shelters, as well as milk cartons and boxes to investigate, should be provided for your cat. You can also get them a playmate to keep them engaged.

  • Urinating and constant meowing

Urinating at different spaces around the house and creating a mess is common in cats. It is different from litter box issues and is more of communication medium cats have in their animal instinct. Cats spray urine all-around along with chemicals to let other cats know their presence. This mostly happens when the mating season arrives for the kitty or to establish dominance. The loud and constant meowing of cats is done for saying something to you or to show any wounds and other physical issues. What they are communicating will be different like feeding them, fill their bowl, play with them and more.

Why you should pay close attention to cat behaviours

Having constant attention on your cat is significant for keeping up with any behavioural changes. Behavioural changes among cats happen when they need your attention or because of any illness. Aloropi vet in Sharjah can help you with any unusual character seen in your pets. Howling in the night, increased food consumption, eating non-food items, scratching are a few of the changes that can be noticed in cats. Reaching out to a reputed pet clinic in Dubai could help you with the best veterinarians for the cat.

Physical and emotional changes are possible in cats and some of them might not be healthy. Close attention is recommended before confirming some major issues with your cat. Seeking help from a vet is the most preferable way to make sure about the behavioural changes in the pet. They will help with identifying the reason and provide the medication if any rectification is needed.

The importance of pet grooming

Pet grooming has major relevancy due to its effect on their health and wellbeing. Regular grooming is recommended for pet owners to keep close attention to their physical health. Furthermore, it is kind of a skincare routine you can implement for your pet. There are many cat grooming services in Sharjah you can go for specialized grooming sections by experienced vets with advanced tools. Grooming your pet will let you keep an eye on the growth of any infection or skin disease.


Taking the pet to a professional grooming expert regularly might not be a suitable option for your lifestyle and available time. In that case, you can perform simple grooming practices at home regularly and take the pet once in a while to a grooming centre. You can find several places providing professional pet grooming in Dubai.

Grooming the pet can strengthen the emotional attachment your cat has for you. Brushing the pet hair regularly will get rid of any physical dirt and dead hair particles both can cause infections. Ears and eyes must be checked and cleaned by trimming the hair and removing the dead hair strands. Regular bathing, nail trimming, and brushing teeth also should be done.

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