Seasonal Canine Illness: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Everything else you should know about it

Seasonal Canine illness

Even though the medical world has treatments and solutions for most pet diseases, many dog disorders are still needed to be researched. One such disease is seasonal canine illness. Even though it is hard to diagnose this disease in dogs, pet clinic in Dubai can offer effective medical remedies to reduce the symptoms. 

Seasonal canine illness: What is it?

Seasonal canine illness is a common dog disorder that often shows up in autumn. It has the potential to become fatal if left untreated for a long time. If your dog is showing signs of seasonal illness, you must immediately contact a certified nearby who is nearby or take him/her to a pet clinic in Dubai. More cases of seasonal canine illnesses are reported around woodlands where the climatic effects of autumn are more severe. This disorder is found in very rare cases in Asian and South Asian countries.

Most pet owners are unaware of this condition are often clueless about what to do when their pup or dog shows symptoms. But this is a very serious condition in pet animals and must not be taken light-heartedly at any means. Seasonal illness can happen after a particularly long walk or outdoor activities.

Signs of seasonal canine illness

How to know if your puppy is suffering from seasonal canine illness? Your dog must start showing signs of this illness three days prior to their walk in the woodlands. If they suffer from severe vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, or fever you must take your pet directly to the nearest vet in Sharjah. Muscular tremors are also a sign of seasonal illness. Your dog could also display unnatural shakiness or trembling. The temperature might also be higher than usual. You need to look out for these symptoms if your dog has been to the woodland recently or if you live or went for a vacation very close to such an area. Mild conditions can be treated with the help of drips and antibiotics. Cases remain low in number in the last two years, but what’s scary is the fatality rate and the amount of time required for complete recovery. In the lack of timely treatment from skilled veterinarians, your dog can die from the above-listed symptoms. Do not wait till the symptoms get worsened as they probably will in the next few hours if unchecked.

Seasonal canine illness: Causes

The causes of seasonal canine illness are still studied upon. It most probably has to do with infections or allergies caused by some kind of mites or plants in the woodland. The exact cause still remains unidentified. Many vets believe harvest mites are the primary culprits for seasonal canine illness. These insects make an appearance around mid or late autumn in many places. They jump up on animals and humans and start feeding on the skin areas around the neck and ears. In the case of dogs, they particularly target the part above ears, under the ear flaps and between paw pads.

You can try reducing the number of wood walks around autumn, although it is not highly practical and many pet owners do not approve of the idea that they cannot walk their dogs enough. Pet owners can make use of lead during wood walks. They can also check the dog regularly for any kind of fleas, ticks or mites on their furs. The best thing the pet owner can do is stay vigilant for any visible symptoms of seasonal canine illness after a few days prior to the woodland walk. Also, remember to keep your dog well hydrated all the time as dehydration is one fatal effect of seasonal canine illness. A timely vaccinated canine can develop more immunity power and can effectively prevent such diseases. This is why you should get your pets vaccinated in time for various diseases. You can get your dog vaccinated from any good vaccination centre in Sharjah. If you find your dog vomiting, book an appointment with the vet in Sharjah immediately.


Seasonal canine illness is a disease that still remains somewhat mysterious to the vets. For this reason, it can get hard to diagnose seasonal canine illness in dogs. Also, the symptoms of this disease are very similar to other common diseases and vets often cannot pinpoint what your dog is exactly suffering from. Nevertheless, they can give your dog intravenous injections and antimicrobials to help them fight the infection. They may also carry out various ultrasound, radiographs, biochemical and urine/faecal tests to discover what is ailing your dogs. If they can find harvest mites on the dog’s body they may prescribe medicines to get rid of them for good. Records suggest that animals that were treated and given good medical care at the earliest were able to recover from the disease effectively. Dogs that received intensive veterinary care could completely regain their health in eight to ten days.

What can be done about seasonal canine illness?

Seasonal canine illness is a cause of serious concern for dogs and puppies. Some of the first cases of this disease were reported in the autumn of 2009, in countryside Norfolk. Since then, public awareness campaigns advocating the causes and prevention of this disease were conducted. Even though most dogs diagnosed with this disease was successfully saved, the fatality risk of seasonal canine illness must not be disregarded. A small portion of dogs suffers from severe cases of seasonal canine illness every year in some specific parts of the world. Researches about this disease are being carried out and scientists are ruling out several causes that were is found that manmade pesticides have little to do with this disease while certain algae and fungus are strong suspects for seasonal canine illness. It is recommended that dog owners come forward and share the details about this disease if your dog has had to endure it at any point. 

The best and most effective thing to do is the prevention of seasonal canine illness. Dog owners must stay alert against the common symptoms of this disease. While walking your dog, the pet owners must always keep the dog in their sight and should not let them stray out of the vicinity. The service of a skilled veterinarian must always be available and accessible to you in Dubai.

Why access to a good pet clinic is important?

Seeking medical advice for seasonal canine illness is an absolute necessary. Whatever you do, do not resort to self-treatment as the conditions of this disease can dangerously cross the charts and become fatal. This happens in a time period of several hours too. This is why pet owners, especially those who live near woodlands, must have access to decent veterinarians all the time. Prompt treatment is the only thing that can guarantee your dog retrieving its health. Most pet clinic in Dubai are well equipped to treat the conditions related to seasonal canine illness. There are a number of protective sprays in the market you can use against a harvest mite infection. You can use it for pest infestation and before you take your dog for walks. But spot treatments must always be succeeded by proper medical care. Pet owners must always have a list of the best vet in Sharjah.

To wrap it up

Seasonal canine illness is a very serious condition found in dogs. This disease is found more commonly in places with woodlands and around autumn. The first cases of this disease were reported in the autumn of 2009 in Norfolk. Although the causes of seasonal canine illness are not clear yet, this disease is vastly studied upon by vets all around the world. If you find your dog suffering from the known symptoms of seasonal canine illness, you must immediately take him/her to a certified pet clinic in Dubai.

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