What is flea treatment for cats? What we can do?


Fleas make life miserable for pets and pet owners. Most of the animals including dogs, cats, rabbits, etc. get affected by this nuisance. These tiny insects can live on furry animals and feed on their body. They act as a major source for spreading disease and even bit humans. Getting rid of them is significant for the well-being of the pet and a healthy environment inside the house. Pet owners can reach out to the best vet in Sharjah to get their loved pets treated for fleas by professionals.

The spread of these parasites is quick and will be all over the place within a small period. Pets start intense scratching alongside other visible issues when get attacked by fleas. Going to a pet clinic in Dubai instead of treating fleas yourself is recommended due to various reasons. It is difficult to find quality medicine for the kind of fleas that affected your pet without enough knowledge on the case. Furthermore, treatment methods and medications are different according to the animal.

Many of the flea treatments used for dogs are highly toxic for cats. Several factors should be taken care of within the home itself alongside help from a professional pet clinic. Read further to know more about fleas on the cats and how to treat them efficiently.

Finding the best flea treatment for cats

All flea affections are not similar and this must be considered while choosing a flea treatment for your cats. The lifestyle, breed, age, previous medical history, and more should come into consideration. Cats with both outdoor and indoor lifestyles have the chance to get infected with fleas. However, cats with an outdoor lifestyle have the best chance of getting affected by dangerous flea infections.

How much furry the cat can influence the Goethe rate of fleas on the pet. The furriness differs from the breed of the cat. So, the treatment should be chosen after looking at what breed of cat you have. The owner must know the medical history of the cat, and it has to be provided to the veterinarian. It helps them to understand what all medications have been introduced to them so far on various occasions.

Beyond the lifestyle a cat has, it is significant for the treatment to consider where you live and the circumstances that place goes through. An experienced vet can help to treat the cat with the right dose of medication for fleas while giving importance to age, weight, and other major aspects.

How to treat the flea condition on the cats in the home?

Pet owners have to understand how important it is to keep the cats away from extreme treatments while they are infected with fleas. Extreme medication on the soft skin of the cats could kill them easily alongside the fleas. Let’s take a deep look into the right treatment methods to get rid of fleas from the cats.

Lemon for rescue

Citric acid is the main factor included in a lemon and it is highly effective for getting rid of fleas. Make a lime solution with cut lemons boiled in water and spray it on the cat in regular intervals. Make sure to keep the sensitive regions on their body like eyes and any wounds away from the spraying solution. Repeat the spraying after a while if you see any sour spots and redness.

Adding the lemon anywhere that is related to the cat can help them keep as safe as possible from the further spread of fleas. For instance, adding a little lemon juice to the water that is used for washing your cat’s matting and toys. This way, everything that your cat touches will be clean. Dipping a comb in the lemon dissolved water and combing the cat also do the trick if they are not cooperating with the water spray technique.

Apple Cedar Vinegar

Apple cedar vinegar is a good solution for the removal of fleas from the coat of your cat. They could not kill the bugs, but it irritates them and make them jump out of the cat’s body. Do the same spraying method with an apple cider vinegar and water dissolved solution on the coat of your cat. This is a technique to keep the fleas away from the cat. Keeping the surroundings clean is important to keep the removed insects away from everything.

All this sanitization work becomes useless if the environment the cat is living in induce flea growth. Use the apple cedar vinegar solution on every surface and equipment used inside the house.

Dish wash soap

Dish wash soap can do better by becoming the best solution for the flea problem on cats. The ingredients used to make dish soaps are eligible to destroy the body structure of the insects and kill them easily. Wash the cat’s coat in the usual gentle way by adding a little water and dish soap. Lather for a little while and rinse with warm water.

The traditional way of creating a trap for bugs could be done with the light alongside dish dissolved water to clear the surroundings from fleas.

Flea collars

Flea collars used for cats are more recommended by the experts due to the effect they can make. Some flea collars can stay effective for a long period of up to eight months. All cats over 10 weeks of age can take advantage of a flea collar. Some of these collars can stay effective against the ticks too.

There is nothing harmful to cats with a flea collar. Instead, they could be loosely clipped around the neck of the cat. It will continuously release flea-killing substances and keep the coat of your cat clean from being affected by fleas. These flea collars should be kept far from the kids due to the heavy chemical ingredients used in the making of them.

Topical treatment methods for fleas on cats

Topical treatment is possible for fleas in cats. However, some of them are restricted to be used only along with the prescription from an experienced vet. Moreover, a topical treatment should be done on the coat of the cat where they can’t lick or reach their legs. Contacting the treated region before it is absorbed into the skin can open the chances of spread. A treated pet should be kept separated from other pets and children.

It is encouraged to choose the right topical medication for the cats after getting some tests done by a vet. Weighing the cat and keeping up with several factors to choose the best treatment might be difficult for the cat owner. You can seek help from any pet grooming services in Sharjah to always keep your pet’s coat clean and beautiful.

Regular grooming routine for the cats will ensure that they are always distant from the chances of getting affected by fleas.

Oral treatment methods for fleas on cats

Oral treatment methods can be used instead of topical methods if you are worried about getting in contact with the topically treated regions on your cat. Comforts and Cap star are some of the popular oral medications recommended for cats. Both these have specific rules while giving them to the cats. They must be used with the prescription of an expert veterinarian from pet clinic in Dubai or wherever you are residing with the cats.

Gastrointestinal issues are common as the after-effects of oral medication practices against fleas. Vomiting and diarrhea also make the treatment less effective if the pet is continuously doing them just after consuming the medicines. Fleas are not just any other infective bugs on your cat. They could spread dangerous diseases from other animals and surroundings. Anemia, plague, and many more are on the list of harmful situations caused by fleas on cats.

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