The danger of fetching sticks: What’s the problem with a dog with stick in its mouth?

dog with stick in its mouth

You simply cannot STOP your little pet friends from playing fetch. Heck, what do they even do without stick toys? We all know how much they love sticks. But some recent cases of accidents due to the dog fetching sticks are quite distressing. Playing fetch can be fun and all, but can also invite danger if you are not too careful. Vets are now warning dog owners to pay attention to their dogs while fetching or else it may lead to serious injuries. This advice is more prominent with the recent case of a pooch in Watson who had to suffer a serious mouth injury after trying to cram his mouth with sticks. Probability of your dog running into an accident while playing with sticks can be grave. Wooden sticks especially can cause serious wounds that may even prove fatal to your dogs.

The thing to remember when your dog is fetching stick

It’s beneficial to keep a few things in mind while taking you doggo out for a game of fetch next time. Playing fetch can be a great way to exercise your dog. But it is important to practice and develop safe training skills, especially if you have a younger dog. Replacing wooden sticks with rubber sticks is a good idea to prevent dog tongue injuries. This significantly reduces the potential of them getting injured with a real stick. Softer toys will ensure a safe playing time for your dog. Try to buy toys that are brighter in colour and easy to spot outdoors. Dog toys including sticks must be large enough so that they don’t accidentally swallow it.  Do not take your dog to high-risk environments. There have been too many cases of dogs getting trapped in holes or ditches in the ground while playing. And always keep an eye out for risks. If you happen to find your dog choking or in pain, take him/her immediately to a certified vet nearby. Life-threatening emergencies can quickly turn detrimental if you delay to consult a skilled vet.

Final thoughts

Pet owners must be well aware of the dangers of sticks to dogs. People have been playing fetch with dogs for centuries. It makes sense to assume fetch-related accidents had been happening for quite some time, too. Nevertheless, the dangers of sticks to dogs remain the same and pet owners must stay vigilant against them.

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