What are the things you should be aware of when Dog Surgery has been recommended


When dog surgery is recommended it can be quite frightening news to you. Surgeries are not considered to be light procedures by our Pet clinic in Dubai. Don’t misunderstand them. If they have recommended a dog surgery then it is because of the great interest they have in your dog. When recommended you should be able to understand the causes behind the surgical procedure being performed and are able to make the best decisions regarding your dog’s surgery.

From potential risks to recovery time, the surgery has so many concerns regarding it. Regarding all the modern issues of dog surgeries and veterinary medicine that has developed more than before, it is sure that your dog won’t have any complications after the surgery.

Making the decision to go on with the dog surgery

You always choose the best for your dog. Which is why before the surgery we have an honest conversation with the owner regarding the complications and all the elements based on the surgery and reach a conclusion on the surgery.

  • Any complexities regarding the surgery
  • Regarding the health and age of the dog
  • For the owner- the post-op care and recovery time taken.
  • Any physical therapy.

To make you informed on all the outcomes and the facts based on the surgery, our expert team for pet x-ray in Sharjah is always ready and besides you whenever in doubt. They will ensure that the decision is comfortable for you and your pet and will make the ultimate decision accordingly.

Dog Pre-Surgical Instructions

If the dog surgery is an emergency or planned, the instructions can be varied according to the approach you have taken. As for some general guidelines we can give you some pre-surgical instructions for the pre-operative approaches you can take:-

  • Prior to the surgery, you have to ask your vet about the feeding and drinking methods of the pets.
  • Before taking the surgery, your pet shouldn’t be fed the day before which is after 10 pm and also only on a fasted dog surgery is done.
  • Till the morning of the surgery, every dog is allowed to drink.

As most of the veterinarians perform their surgeries tightly, it is better to be on time for your canine surgery. You can eventually delay the well-being of a slow dog along with other dogs in line. So better be on time. You should carefully listen to your expert vet in Sharjah about the post-surgical guidelines and ask them if they have any suggestions on the post-op treatment of your dog.

Post Surgical Care

Based on whether the surgery is an emergency or planned one the dog-surgery guidelines may vary, the protocols and the care given all may vary according to the surgery you opt for. Here, we can provide you with some of the dog surgery recovery guidelines to be followed after the operation.

  • Your pickup time should be kept in mind when leaving your dog for surgery.
  • After waking from the anaesthesia, most of the dogs can go for routine methods.
  • For providing critical care while in an emergency it is better to get transferred to overnight emergency care.

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