Dogs Home Alone

Leaving your dog home alone cannot be easy for a responsible and loving pet parent. But you are out of options as you need to go out sometime . You just cannot take your furry friend everywhere. The only solution is to leave your dog home alone or leave him at a pet center. If you are a dog owner residing in Dubai you have plenty of options for leaving your dog with a reputed mobile grooming service in Dubai.

But not every pet parent can afford to take their pet to qualified pet clinics in Dubai. In such cases, it is better to pay attention to a few tips to avoid your dog from missing you too much or making a mess inside the home where he is suddenly left with.

Check out these useful tips that will allow you to handle leaving your dog alone better.

  • Train him/her to be alone at home

You must begin training and teaching your puppy that being home alone is acceptable from the time he arrives at your home. That he is safe and protected, and that you will return with him at all times.

Practicing leaving and returning to the house is a useful dog training strategy. This teaches him that being alone and at home is acceptable and helps him avoid undesirable habits. To begin training him, step out of your house or apartment for a period and then return. Slowly increase the amount of time you spend outside while making sure your dog is comfortable and relaxed and not barking. Offer him a snack when you leave the house, but never when you come back.

When leaving the house, it is best not to make a ruckus and to remain cool. Large farewells should be avoided because they can psychologically charge your pet and make him upset.

  • Use a dog monitor

While you’re away from family, position the pet cam in a great spot that covers the area where your dog is most active. Also, make absolutely sure it’s in a safe and secure location where your dog won’t be able to reach it. If it does fall off its ledge, make sure it doesn’t ruin anything else near it. Place the camera in a location where you can see the entire space if you use a dog gate to confine them to one area. Put the camera where your dog spends the most time if you let them roam the entire house. It’s possible that you’ll need more than one pet cam if you have multiple rooms.

  • Keep a routine

It is critical that dogs have a constant routine for their food, exercise, and even rest hours. Maintaining a consistent daily schedule gives your dog a sense of security and assurance. This has a significant positive impact on his overall health and conduct. A dog is a creature of habit. He will be less worried and restless if he knows what to expect during the day. If your dog feels secure in his surroundings and in his daily routine, he will be better able to cope with any changes or unexpected events that may arise.

  • Exercise your dog

Establishing a regular physical and mental activity regimen for your dog that drains his energy and helps reduce behavioral problems. If not, he’ll concentrate his efforts on coming up with new ways to keep himself occupied. The lack of physical activity and mental stimulation has an impact on various elements of his life and conduct. Dogs who do not get enough exercise can become frustrated or anxious. Hyperactivity, frequent barking, or other disruptive behavior is examples of this. If you find your dog frequently restless or hyperactive it is better to consult a certified vet in Sharjah.

Getting enough exercise keeps your dog’s mind sharp and helps to prevent ailments that emerge as they age. As a result, it is critical for senior dogs to remain active. However, you must keep in mind that their activity requirements differ from those of young canines.

It’s always a good idea to check with some pet clinic in Dubai about the amount and type of physical activity that’s appropriate for your dog.

  • Provide him/her a safe space

When your pet is alone at home, he requires a comfy location where he may rest and unwind during the day.

Based on the circumstances and your dog’s behavior. You can either give him full access to the house or confine him to a specific area. The most important thing is to provide your dog with a relaxing environment .That includes his bed, water, food, and toys. Place an old shirt with your scent in your dog’s bed as a tiny hint to help him feel more secure and peaceful. It’s also crucial to dog-proof the place where he’ll be staying. This can help keep your dog from getting injured or breaking something by accident.

  • Keep him/her engaged

If you’re going to leave your dog alone for the day, make sure he has something to do with his time. Puzzle kids toys are a terrific alternative, and there are many various types and levels of difficulty to choose from. Nutrition puzzle toys not only keep your dog engaged for a long time. But they also keep him awake and alert and improve his overall health and behavior.

Chewing toys, such as the Kong, can keep your dog engaged while also directing their chewing behavior and preventing them from chewing everything they come across. Dogs are intelligent creatures that require mental stimulation to be active.

They will find their own amusement if you do not supply it. If they decide to search through the trash or gobble up your belongings, this might be a bad issue.

  • Hire a dog sitter/dog walker

When you will not have a family member who can assist you, experienced pet sitters can come to your home and care for your dog at any time of day or night. Some providers provide multiple visits each day, as well as an overnight stay.

A dog sitter can assist you in feeding and changing your dog’s water dish, providing companionship and fun for your pet, as well as taking your dog for a walk and going to the potty. There are various advantages to hiring a dog walker to take your dog out for a walk in the midst of the day.  It allows your dog to take a restroom break without being left alone for an extended period of time. Using a dog walker’s services allows you to provide him more time for daily exercise and socializing. Many clinics that offer pets grooming in Dubai can deploy qualified dog sitters/walkers for you.

  • Ask for help

If your dog will be left alone for long lengths of time than recommended, or if you will need to take her out to the restroom while you are not home, you should seek assistance.

You can enlist the assistance of a family member to walk your dog in the day and keep him going for a bit. You can also use services and professionals like a dog walker or a dog daycare. Bringing your dog to a Dog Daycare might be a good option. For individuals who are outdoors for long periods of time.

It provides him with the opportunity to interact, exercise, and play with other dogs. It’s a fantastic alternative because it allows you to interact with other dogs and humans rather than being alone all day. It may not be necessary to take your dog to a daycare nearly every day, depending on your budget and his needs. Taking him two or three times a week is sometimes sufficient.

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