Best Cat Staycation Plan for Summer


Cat, The little beauty that always up to something mischievous, just to get our attention. And oh! Yes, they excel at it every time. Saying that, planning a vacation might not be the hardest thing for your furry friend if you are ready to take cat care tips from Vet in Sharjah. So let’s begin, shall we?

What to Do When Leaving Cat Alone in Home

Unlike dogs, cats are more independent, hence leaving cats behind for a few days in familiar surroundings will not backfire easily. With enough water, food, and toys, you can provide a happy time for your little friend.

Cat Care via a Pet Sitter

It is always the best thing to hire a professional pet sitter when you are away for a long time, suggest Vet surgery clinic Sharjah. The pet sitters are trained in cat care services and are capable of performing medical treatment if needed. Not only that, your pet cat will be fed in time with the help of a pet sitter. On choosing a pet sitter, make sure he has experience in dealing with cats and arrange a meeting if possible so that your cat can get to know the pet sitter.

Cat Day Care Facility

 A Cat daycare facility can be introduced if you want optimum care for your cat. Vet daycare services in Dubai provides a Safe & Secure environment, Indoor & Outdoor activities, Daycare Park, Pools, Nutritional Foods, and Good Medication also; they will be surrounded by other feline friends and cat care professionals.

Arrangement of Food

The most seen strategy seen during a long vacation is that leaving a pile of foods in a single bowl. This will result in overeating and laziness. To avoid this situation, keep the food in different bowls and in hiding places of your cat. It will allow in keeping your dear pet’s routine in place, says Pet clinic in Dubai. Or simply you may use the services of a pet sitter.

Open the Shades

The sunlight plays an important role in keeping your cat’s energy levels high. Also, you may notice that Window perch is a mini playground of cats. Opening a few of your shades, they can enjoy the outside views, and provide a good relaxing time by watching birds & squirrels.


Keeping the toys away for the clean house will be a killer of entertainment for your dear cat. In your absence, it is better to leave some toys in his hiding places to keep him active. A cat care service/pet sitter can provide interactive game sessions for your pet cat.  This will help in reducing the tension of furry friend.

Before going on a long trip, take a trial of 2-3 days to make sure of the well-being and to understand the behaviour of your little friend. Now with these cat care tips let’s make our home a paradise for our dear cat.

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