Treating the common skin diseases in pets.


It is very common to have skin disease in your pets. Most of the transformations caused involve lesions, papules, crusting and changes in the pet’s coat too. Along with which you may also witness pus and discharge. Conditions like these can be cured only by treating and using antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medications, antihistamines along with sprays, shampoos and dips. These skin diseases can also be cured by having fatty acids and nutritional supplements.

Hot spots

Creating a very painful effect on the skin is often caused by hotspots which are known as pyotraumatic dermatitis in pets. They can have a sudden acute inflammation too. Around the lesion, there can be serious hair fall and these may also cause pus and discharge. Common regions most infected in your pet are the ear and flank. This is why it is often said that they can cause difficulties to multiple body parts. Lesions are often developed due to the severe scratches and itching caused by the pets themselves. 

Only through a flea bite allergy, food allergy, inhalant allergy can these hotspots develop. Most pets will have an ear infection if they have hotspots below their ears. Using an antiseptic shampoo or soap on the place where eruptions have caused. Which is usually treated by clipping the hair around the lesions. Oral steroids are prescribed by the veterinarian to keep away from self-trauma. Hotspots can often be treated with topical antihistamines and antibiotic sprays (Betagen for dogs). To avoid secondary bacterial infections oral antibiotics will be required. Pet clinic in Dubai prescribes that homeo is an excellent remedy for infected pets.

Dry skin

Dry skin in pets can affect many things from dietary inequalities and shortcomings to allergy conditions including atopy, food intolerances and allergies to flea bites. it can be more likely to grow even pets with diabetes or intestinal parasites. The risk of having dry skin is even greater for animals with non-specific liver conditions, kidneys or even cancer. The dry skin signs involve flaky skin or dandruff as well as a hair drop or hair loss more often than any other animal. Animal shampoos and conditioners can help cure the dry skin of your animals.

as known by the Vet in Sharjah. Two outstanding shampoo items can both be used up to Epi-Soothe and Relief Shampoo.

Hair loss– Skin Care

Hair loss and massive shedding are mainly caused due to a wide range of reasons like dietary factors, food allergies, imbalances, contact and inhalant allergies. Your pet’s coat can be affected when having bacterial infections like external skin parasites (ringworm). Excessive hair loss and shedding are caused among the pets having any hormonal imbalances of the adrenal or thyroid gland. The same can be caused with pets having kidney and liver issues and also cancer-related issues. What can be generalised for hair loss is that the symptoms can be the thinning of hair coat. For any pet-related issues and allergies, you can contact the Vet Vaccination Center in Sharjah.

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