Summer Dog Grooming Tips

Summer dog grooming Tips

Dog grooming in summer can seem like an unnecessary thing to partake, especially for new dog owners. Animals find it hard to cope with summer just like us humans do. It is necessary to provide enough grooming to help your dog stay happy and healthy during summer. You must seek the help of certified for groomers for availing mobile grooming in Sharjah.

The significance of dog grooming in summer

Dogs, like people, benefit from being clean and healthy. The longer days and warmer weather encourage us to take our pets outside to enjoy the sunshine. In the summer, grooming dogs can help decrease heat and make your dog more comfortable.Pet grooming in Dubai is a vital thing to enable your dog deal with the sweltering Dubai heat. You can avoid serious canine issues and keep your pet cool and comfortable by grooming your dog correctly during the summer.

When the weather warms up, you might be wondering how your furry friend copes with the rising temperatures. Dogs and cats have natural insulation incorporated into their coats, which helps to keep them cozy in the summer, but they may require some grooming aid to keep their coats healthy. This is why pet owners in Dubai take their dogs to pet clinics in Dubai to get them groomed. Here are a few tips for dog grooming in summer.

  • Brushing your dog

Brushing your dog on a regular basis has a number of apparent advantages, ranging from less shedding to a cleaner coat. But you might not realize that it’s a fantastic method to keep a dog cool while also allowing you to check for any skin abnormalities.While participating in more outside activities may make you want to bathe your dog more frequently, it’s crucial to keep to their normal bathing routine to avoid harming their skin. Make bath time a pleasant summer pastime by bringing it outside. Rinse with a gallon of lukewarm water and a cup.

  • Fleas

Look for ticks and fleas around your dog’s face or ear after outdoor times. Ticks should be removed as soon as possible from your dog since they can spread disease and lodge themselves in the skin within hours.It’s also crucial to keep an eye out for signs of flea infestation in your dog. Despite the fact that fleas frequently cause itching, some dogs may not scratch at all. It is therefore up to the pet owner to frequently look out for them. Flea combs can h. Flea check during summer is an important part of pet grooming in Dubai.

  • Bathing

Bathing should always be preceded by brushing. A potential infection can be avoided by thoroughly washing and drying your dog’s ears after a bath. The skin of a dog is not as airtight as that of a person; instead of one hair for each follicle, each hair follicle in a dog might have several hairs sprouting from it. As a result, keep rinsing for a long period.Bathing often can remove vital oils from the skin, causing itching and drying out of the coat. So a bathe now and then is more than enough.

  • Cutting hair

While keeping your dog’s coat shorter may appear to be the most obvious approach to protect your dog from overheating, excessively shortening your dog’s coat might actually cause sunburn in certain dogs.The coat of your dog works as an insulation. However, in really hot conditions, this insulating layer might backfire, making it more difficult for dogs to decrease their body temperatures.

  • Clip nails short

Regular nail clipping is also an important aspect of a dog’s basic grooming. Make sure you have the appropriate equipment before giving your dog a pedicure. Your dogs should step on their paw pads and not on toes when they walk. When your dog walks with long toenails, the chances of a nail breaking or snagging are great.

  • Care for the ear

Nail trimming is an integral part of a dog’s basic grooming routine. When walking, your dogs should use their paw pads rather than their toenails. The risks of a nail breaking or catching on anything and being pulled out increase when your dog walks with long toes.Check your dog’s ears on a frequent basis, especially if he enjoys swimming. Dogs with folded ears are more prone to ear infections, which are exacerbated by damp ears.

  • Don’t shave the double coat

We might be tempted to just shave it off and be done with it after we’ve hit our shedding threshold, but this is truly a knee-jerk reaction. Instead, give your dog a haircut with a longer comb attachment on your clipper or use a de-shedding tool to thin your dog’s coat.Discuss a comprehensive de-shedding procedure with your groomer. For the summer, a de-shed will assist remove the undercoat and keep them clean, cool, and shedding less

How to keep your dog cool in the summer

  1. Provide lots of cover and a doghouse with plenty of shades for your dog in the summer.
  2. Give your dog plenty of water to drink. Do not let your dog outside too much in the summer.
  3. Allow your dog to swim. Never make your dog go into the water against his will. Strong tides should be avoided when swimming in the ocean. Never let your dog in the water unsupervised.

Dehydration in dogs

Panting, peeing, and even evaporation via their paws are all ways dogs lose fluids.Don’t let your dog alone outside for lengthy periods of time. When they are inside supply them with lots of fresh water. If you see your dog panting, drooling or looking tired, he/she may be probably lacking hydration. Simply providing a water bowl won’t be enough in such cases. Instead add some electrolytes in the water bowl.


Heatstroke happens when the dog’s capacity to disperse heat is overwhelmed by the high ambient temperature. If your dog starts to show indications of heatstroke, you should try to cool him down as soon as possible. Getting him into the shade, showering him with cold or lukewarm water, and fanning him are all ways to keep him cool.In hot temperatures, limit the amount of time your dog works or exercises. You can use evenings or late afternoons to walk your dog. When it’s hot, provide lots of cold, fresh drink, shade, and regular rest times.

Does your dog needs sunscreen?

Yes, they do. Dogs, like people, can make use of sunscreens to protect their body from the harmful effects of sun. Certain precautions can reduce your dog’s chance of acquiring significant sun-related medical problems.Even dogs with thick coats of fur may lose hair due to seasonal shedding or a medical condition that causes their coats to become very thin, putting them at risk for sunburn.

Dogs are protected from sunburn by using sunscreen. However, applying the incorrect sunscreen might potentially cause issues. It’s critical that you only use sunscreen for dogs that is particularly designed for them.Consult your vet to know the best sunscreen for your dog.


Grooming your dog is important in scorching summers as dogs suffer the effect of sun just as we humans do. Regular brushing and an increase in the number of bathes help dogs regulate their body heat. Special attention should be taken to trim and cut the nails as paw pads become a source of pain for dogs in summer. Ear care is just as important as every other grooming requirement. Pet owners should take strict measures to make sure their dog remains hydrated and healthy during summer time. Pet clinics in Dubai can offer grooming services from professional vets

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